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February 2019 


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Kaiseki cuisine — the Japanese tradition of intricate, refined small plates — has origins that can be traced back more than seven hundred years. It was an artful embodiment of innovation then, and we aim to bring that same ingenuity and inspiration to our guests in this modern era. We are committed to an authentic expression of kaiseki, featuring the most exceptional seasonal and sustainable ingredients from the Boston region.

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Meet The Sake Brewers!

An Intimate Evening with Vine Connection’s Sake Producers at Kamakura

Walk around tasting with food pairings and more….

Saturday June 8th, 2019

Kumo Sky Lounge from 7pm - 9pm

$75 food, sake, tax and gratuity all included



Sake Brewer & Brewery information:


John Gauntner is recognized as the world's leading non-Japanese sake expert. A longtime Japan resident, he is well known among sake brewers and others within the sake industry. He wrote the Nihonshu Column in the Japan Times for many years before writing a weekly column on sake in Japanese for the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan's and the world's most widely distributed Japanese newspaper. In 2006, John received the Sake Samurai award, the first year it was awarded. He has published five books on sake.


Yuho Eternal Embers & Rhythm of the Centuries

Unapologetically unconventional, Yuho experiments with brewing components and techniques to produce sake that have a wild, gamey characteristic with pronounced acidity and remarkable texture.

• President Miho Fujita, a single career woman from Tokyo with no prior knowledge of sake, and Toji Yokomichi-san, who left his corporate job to pursue sake, do not follow traditional brewing methods—they brew the sake they enjoy drinking.

• Yuho means “happy rice” and also refers to the city’s supposed numerous UFO sightings.

• Miho-san believes her sake can stay open for longer than most – she personally likes to drink them after being open for 1-2 months.

Brewery Name:

Mioya Brewery

Brewery Location:



Fukucho Seaside Sparkling & Forgotten Fortune

Fukucho’s female brewery owner, Miho Imada, is also the Toji – a rarity in Japan to have both jobs done by the same person.

• Miho-san’s passion and curiosity for sake brewing is truly amazing: to date she has revived a local heirloom rice that was out of use for hundreds of years, created her own hybrid yeast starter, and experimented with brewing sake using white koji.

• There are around 30 female tojis in Japan, but when Miho-san started brewing there were far fewer. Her extreme dedication to her craft encourages the future of women in this industry.

Brewery Name:

Imada Brewery

Brewery Founded:


Toji (master brewer):

Miho Imada

Brewery Location:


Brewery President:

Miho Imada


Tensei Song of the Sea & Endless Summer

Tensei is a multi-talented brewery defined by an entrepreneurial spirit, an international outlook, and a laid-back surfer atmosphere.

• The cultured and forward-thinking brewery has a hand in other enterprises as well, including a beer brewery, a Japanese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a bakery, and an art gallery all on site.

• Tensei is inspired by Kanagawa’s beautiful coastline and surfer culture. The town is also the birth place of the famous Japanese woodblock art, The Great Wave.

Brewery Name:

Tensei Brewery

Brewery Founded:


Toji (master brewer):

Tetsuro Igarashi

Brewery Location:


Brewery President:

Mokichi Kumazawa

kaiseki tasting reservation tips

Due to high volume of requests with food restrictions for the kaiseki tasting course, and nature of authentic kaiseki that has seafood, vegetables, meat, egg, and shoyu – soy sauce, we set up options to provide better experience to all guests and accommodate well to your needs.

At chef’s counter: (RESERVATION ONLY / Mon - Thur starting AT 7:00pm, Friday & Saturday starting AT 5:30pm and 8:00pm)

·         Kamakura Kaiseki Dinner – Our signature kaiseki with no restrictions

·         Sushi Kaiseki Dinner – Sushi and kaiseki with no restrictions

In our dining room / second floor: (RESERVATION PREFERED / Mon - Thur starting BY 8:00pm, Fri& Sat starting BY 8:30pm)

. Cha-Kaiseki Dinner - Traditional kaiseki with no restrictions

·         Pescatarian Tasting (non-kaiseki) – cha-kaiseki style, chef’s whim

·         Vegetarian Tasting (non-kaiseki) – – cha-kaiseki style, chef’s whim, no seafood, no meat.

Gluten-free, some of courses are prepared and cooked in the same equipment, can be prepared similarly to pescatarian cha-kaiseki style tasting in dinig room (non-kaiseki).

If no seafood can be served, it will be vegetarian cha-kaiseki style tasting in dinig room with meat of the day.

Please inform us any food allergies or dietary restrictions two days prior for us to try the best to prepare. Accommodation and preparation for restrictions will be limited with notification upon your arrival. Thank you for your understanding.


We currently take reservations for Omakase Chef’s Tasting Dinner as a special group event at the kaiseki counter. All guests will be served at the same timing, no or the same food restriction. We take a credit card to confirm your reservation.


Please call us for your questions and concerns, at 617-377-4588 in our operation time, or send us email at

state street
boston, massachusetts

hours / may 2019


Lunch - 11:30 a.m. – 2:30p.m.



5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m
Kaiseki Tasting Counter Seating at 7:00 p.m. only
Cha-kaiseki option in dining room is started anytime from 5:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.
*Cha-kaiseki will be available ONLY for private dinner as of May 20, 2019

5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Kaiseki Tasting Counter Seating at 5:30 p.m. / 8:00 p.m.
Cha-kaiseki option in dining room is started anytime from 5:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.
*Cha-kaiseki will be available ONLY for private dinner as of May 20, 2019

Please contact us for private event

now opening weekends!

- Coming soon!


150 state street
boston, ma 02109


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“Washoku Renaissance” of Japanese Cuisine in Boston 


Owner and Executive Chef Youji Iwakura is bringing a new authentic taste of Japan to Boston. Kamakura—aptly named for and inspired by his hometown in Japan - will feature nouvelle washoku bistro fare; modern-day seasonal kaiseki (set tasting courses); fresh sushi omakase (leave-it-up-to-the-chef); and bento-style boxes (lunch offerings). Kamakura sources fresh, local ingredients to emphasize the seasonal importance of washoku and kaiseki, and highlights its artful displays as much as taste. 

A carefully curated beverage menu is equally prioritized with an extensive sake list, including Dovetail Sake from Waltham on tap and Yamanashi indigenous “Koshu” grape wine from Japan. Kamakura is the first restaurant in Boston to offer Japanese wine, a feat Youji has been very passionate about since 2004.


In addition to the sophisticated and refined menu offerings, Kamakura highlights several dining experiences. Guests can have an intimate dinner alongside the chef at the first-floor kaiseki bar, or they can opt for a more casual affair at the open-air “Kumo” bar and lounge, featuring a 400-square foot retractable roof with exquisite views of Boston’s Custom House.

At “Kumo,” Kamakura offers Matcha Tea Time in the afternoons, providing guests with Japanese tea, and both savory and sweet seasonal creations. Whether experiencing an authentic kaiseki meal or unwinding with a sake on the rooftop lounge, Kamakura welcomes Boston for an innovative Japanese experience.


meet the team

Youji Iwakura, Kamamkura Chef and Owner

youji iwakura

Chef / OWNER


With familial roots in both fishing and farming, Youji Iwakura deems his culinary journey an “ancestral assignment.” He dreamed of becoming a restaurateur, as a child inspired during an occasional meal out with family in his hometown of Kamakura, Japan. A chef, clad in his signature, white attire, stepped out of the restaurant’s kitchen to personally acknowledge Youji with hospitality. Moved by this experience, Youji solidified his vision to work in the restaurant industry. 

At 24, Youji moved to Boston from Japan, attending and graduating from the Berklee College of Music. Entering a tough economy, he became a sushi chef at authentic Japanese restaurants, including Ginza in Brookline, Massachusetts, yielding eight years of sushi training. Youji then transitioned to the front of house, moving one step closer to his ideal restaurateur role. He worked as a bartender at Troquet and as front manager/beverage director of several Boston restaurants, ultimately returning to the kitchen at Ken Oringer’s renowned UNI, which was recognized within a year by Boston magazine for ‘Best Seafood 2005.’

To further hone his skills, Youji traveled back to Japan for two years, working at an upscale Japanese brasserie. He returned to Boston with increased culinary knowledge, passion and desire, becoming Chef de Cuisine at UNI. Under Youji’s leadership, the tiny sashimi bar gained recognition for the most innovative and best-quality Japanese cuisine in the city.

In 2010, Youji opened Basho Japanese Brasserie as Executive Chef, creating an original American-Japanese menu featuring traditional kaiseki. He took on the role of Sake Sommelier at Yakitori Zai in 2013, later to open Snappy Ramen in Davis Square, Somerville, focusing on authentic and healthier takes on Japanese cuisine. 

Youji is now opening his first restaurant in downtown Boston. Kamakura - named for and inspired by his hometown - will serve nouvelle washoku (authentic Japanese cuisine) and modern-day kaiseki (seasonal, multi-course meals) in a warm, cozy atmosphere. The menu will also specialize in Youji’s well-seasoned edo-mae-style sushi and an extensive beverage program, featuring warm sake, local sake on tap, as well as Japan indigenous “Koshu” grape wine. 

As the Owner and Executive Chef of Kamakura, Youji is looking forward to sharing the renaissance of authentic Japanese cuisine with Boston when it opens in July 2018.

Keiko, Kamakura Pastry Chef

Keiko Iwakura

Pastry Chef

Keiko Iwakura is married to Chef Youji Iwakura! She grew up in Seki-city, Japan, and started cooking at the age of five. In 1998, she worked at one of the most traditional and upscale ryokan hotels, Hisui in Okuhida region, learning to serve kaiseki banquet meals as a traditional Japanese waitress (nakai). Constantly wondering about food cultures outside of her city and country, Keiko decided to pursue her curiosity and move to the United States.

When Keiko married Youji, she was a hostess at a restaurant in Boston Harbor Hotel. Combining her passion to bake with Youji’s encouragement, she started her professional culinary career in 2001 as an apprentice at Sel de la Terre, working under master bread baker Michael Rhoads. After several months, Keiko transferred to L’Espalier on Gloucester Street, expertly creating modern French-Japanese desserts.

Keiko serves as Kamakura’s Pastry Chef, using inspiration from her hometown.

Allan, Kamakura General Manager

Allan Yee

general manager

Allan Yee is a native of Boston, having been born and raised in the city. At the age of 17, He started in the restaurant business as a delivery driver for Mr. Leung’s on Boylston Street. While there one evening, Allan took the reigns and learned how to serve, bartend, and host after coming back from a delivery, and noticed the entire staff had quit. Ever since then, he has been hooked on the restaurant business.

Eventually, Allan left Mr. Leung’s to work at Bernards in Chestnut Hill, and held hospitality positions at establishments such as Jae’s Cafe, Sibling Rivalry, Hotel Marlowe, Oishii, and Legal Seafood. In addition, he has consulted and managed a number of restaurants and nightclubs in Boston and Vancouver.

Allan joins the Kamakura team as General Manager.


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